We help direct‑to‑consumer brands acquire customers in paid media channels under a fixed cost‑per‑acquisition model.

Who we are

Our software helps D2C brands manage a full customer acquisition engine with open access to hundreds of high-performance media buyers, bloggers, content-sites and publishers.

What is the difference? Compensation is based solely on performance: you only pay a fixed, agreed-upon fee for every acquired customer. Simple as that.

  • 11+ Million
    Customers Acquired
  • $500+ Million
    Revenue Generated for Brands
  • 300+
    Brands Scaled

No retainers. No hidden fees. No long-term contracts.

Just Results.

Let Jumbleberry be your outsourced media buying team.

Our Approach

We want to help your brand acquire new customers… lots of new customers. To ensure your success, we encourage on the following approach.

1 Angle Development

When setting up your offer, consider the compelling ‘hook’ or ‘angle’ that captivates your target audience. Your partners will build assets around the direction you provide.

2 Content Creation

Once you have conceptualized an angle, get your partners to submit effective direct response content that converts. Our content approval tool helps you keep track of the content being used with your .

3 Tracking and Reporting

Our tracking provides you dashboards to real-time date around your campaigns. Track up to 12 unique stages of the buyer journey and receive intel that helps you decide what performance or profit enhancements will lift your campaigns.

4 Scale Worldwide

Once the campaign is successful in your chosen market, expand your reach to new regions. The partners you find on our platform have years of experience running campaigns in more than 40 different countries. Trust that your growth is in capable hands.

Why work with Jumbleberry?

  • Cost certainty via fixed CPAs
  • Access to buyers and content creators in 12+ channels
  • Learn from direct response experts
  • Full funnel development
  • Only pay for customers
  • In-depth tracking and reporting
  • No long-term contracts
  • Scale faster with access to more partners

Brands should pay when their partners deliver true ROI, not fancy PowerPoint presentations.

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