Ride the wave.

Ride the wave.

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Ride the wave.
What is Pipeline

Pipeline is an evolution of the Jumbleberry affiliate program; a performance marketing solution built to support high volume affiliates and advertisers who capitalize on market trends. This means frequent campaign launches and high conversion rates that maximize profits. Pipeline is powered by Jumbleberry people, process and technology which means it embodies all the trust and performance you have come to expect over the past 10 years.

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Exclusive Campaigns
We frequently launch exclusive campaigns that are built to support big traffic volume and the highest possible EPCs
Hot Verticals
We specialize in Diet, Skincare, Ecom Gadgets, CBD, Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness
Loyalty Bonuses
Promotions and giveaways, referral program, contests, events and experiences,
you name it
Why Pipeline?
The Competition
Part of the Jumbleberry Family
Full funnel event-based tracking
Redirectless affiliate links
Plug & Play smartlink rotator script
Dedicated AM & 24/7 Support
Affiliate referral program
Exclusive brands & promo content
In-house development team
Preferred vendor rates and deals
Flexible payouts up to multiple times per week
Frequent launches of high converting campaigns
Competitive payment terms & CPAs
Worldwide traffic reach