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For Affiliates / Media-Buying Businesses:

We are privileged to collaborate with hundreds of the world’s top media buyers on a range of distribution channels including programmatic, native, GDN and social media.

How Jumbleberry Helps Affiliates/Media-Buying Businesses

Campaign Management

With decades of experience in performance marketing, we provide the insight, technology and tactical execution to connect affiliates to higher-conversion, longer-term campaigns.

Enhanced Tracking & Reporting

We provide the analysis to allow you to focus on the metrics that drive success in your business. You can confidently make decisions to capitalize on opportunities for scale and profit.

Scalable Campaigns

We know that sometimes you need to double-down on traffic opportunities quickly and with little notice. We help build infrastructure that scales to your needs.

Each and every employee at Jumbleberry agrees on one thing – our business thrives when you are at your maximum profitability. Simply put, our biggest incentive is YOUR success. Maximize your profit with Jumbleberry. Get started today.

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Monetize your traffic
Monetize your traffic
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