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10 useful digital marketing podcasts

12 March 2019 • Jumbleberry
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As the proverb goes “Knowledge is power”, and here at Jumbleberry we celebrate the pursuit of knowledge. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see our Development team huddled together discussing the latest emerging technology out of Silicon Valley or for our internal group chats to be buzzing with discussion around insightful (sometimes off-the-wall) podcasts and blog posts. With topics ranging from industry news and e-commerce trends to venture capital and media buying tactics, here are 10 of our favorite podcasts:

  1. Masters of Scale - Masters of Scale

  2. Art of Paid traffic - Art of Paid traffic

  3. The Digital Marketer Podcast - The Digital Marketer Podcast

  4. E-commerce Influence - E-commerce Influence

  5. Spend 10kaday - Spend 10kaday

  6. Marketing Over Coffee - Marketing Over Coffee

  7. The Growth TL;DR - The Growth TL;DR

  8. Shopify Masters - Shopify Masters

  9. E-commerce Fuel - E-commerce Fuel

  10. The Paid Search Podcast - The Paid Search Podcast

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